Leading coffee chain Starbucks has launched a line of drinks infused with extra virgin olive oil in Italy.

The new Oleato line of drinks combined arabica coffee infused with Partanna cold-pressed, extra virgin olive oil, the company said on 21 February.

“Now, there’s going to be people who say, ‘Olive oil in coffee?’ But the proof is in the cup,” Starbucks chief executive Howard Schultz said on the company website.

While travelling in Sicily last year, Schultz began enjoying a spoonful of Partanna extra virgin olive oil as part of his daily ritual in addition to his morning coffee after being introduced to the Mediterranean custom of taking a spoonful of olive oil each day. He then had the idea of combining the two ingredients.

“In both hot and cold coffee beverages, what it produced was an unexpected, velvety, buttery flavour that enhanced the coffee and lingers beautifully on the palate,” Schultz said.

The range includes Oleato Latte, Oleato Iced Shaken Espresso and Oleato Golden Foam Cold Brew.

Following the new line’s launch in Italy, where Starbucks currently has around 20 stores, the company said it would also be introducing it to additional global markets, starting with Southern California in the USA. Later this year, the drinks will be launched in Japan, the Middle East, and the UK.