Global Clean Energy Holdings (GCEH) plant science subsidiary Sustainable Oils is planning to build a storage and rail loading facility for its camelina in the first quarter of 2022, the company announced on 19 November.

Sustainable Oils said the 600,000 bushel storage facility in Havre, Montana, USA would expand its presence in the region and create logistical advantages during camelina harvest for both the company and its contract growers.

“A dedicated grain facility in Havre provides regional contract growers added convenience and flexibility for delivery and storage of harvested camelina,” Sustainable Oils president Mike Karst said.

“With our adjacent proximity to the CHS Big Sky-Havre rail siding, we will be able to directly load unit trains of our grain to streamline transportation logistics to GCEH’s biorefinery in Bakersfield, California, or other extraction plants.”

ExxonMobil has made a five-year commitment, due to start next year, to purchase up to 832M litres (220M gallons) of renewable diesel produced at GCEH’s Bakersfield refinery, Sustainable Oils said.

The Montana-based company said its long-term aim was to secure contracts to grow more than 404,685ha (1M acres) of its camelina varieties across Montana and the High Plains.

Renewable fuels company GCEH is involved in the development, production, processing and transportation of feedstocks and with the refining and distribution of renewable fuels.

The company’s renewable diesel refinery in Bakersfield, California, is currently being revamped and is due for completion early next year.