Syngenta adds hemp to lobbying efforts

Swiss crop protection and seeds producer Syngenta has added hemp to its lobbying effort, Hemp Industry Daily reported on 18 February.

Company officials said they were particularly interested in the US Environmental Protection Agency granting registrations for pesticides that can be used on industrial hemp.

Syngenta’s lobbying activity was first reported by Cannabis Wire.

The Basel-based firm joins other companies with interests in hemp and cannabis.

Global agribusiness Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) started lobbying on behalf of hemp interests in 2019 and Tennessee-based agriculture crop protection company Helena Agri-Enterprises has been actively lobbying on hemp and cannabis regulation issues since 2018.

The hemp plant is used to produce a wide variety of cannabidiol (CBD) oil and products, which are growing in popularity for medical, food and skin care applications (See ‘Meeting a high demand’:

CBD is one of the two most common compounds found in cannabis, the other being tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). While THC induces psychoactive effects (a ‘high’), CBD does not contain any psychoactive properties.

According to Demi Pradolin, community manager at Netherlands-based hemp product and CBD oil producer Endoca. the CBD industry is poised to be worth US$22bn by 2020.