The Redwood Group acquires Ceres Commodities

Redwood Group, USA, announced on 4 September that it had completed its acquisition of Ceres Commodities, which supplies food grade non-GM and organic soyabeans domestically and to East and Southeast Asian food markets.

“Ceres’ intimate knowledge of the food soya export market complements Redwood’s ability to supply product to those markets, through our network of non-GM soyabean cleaning facilities,” Redwood said in a news release.

Redwood president Mike Kincaid said the Ceres commodities business was an excellent extension to its Lathrop Feed and Grain (FSG) operations, which it acquired in 2017.

“Lathrop FSG offers a closed loop supply chain solution, selling seeds to its non-GM soyabean growers, purchasing the commodity back from those growers and then cleaning and packaging products to customer specifications.”

Redwood trades and supplies food and feed ingredients – such as soyabeans, whole grains and speciality crops – and energy products throughout the USA and Canada, as well as importing and exporting products to and from customers around the world.