Time running out to achieve 100% CSPO target

A third of the palm oil being processed by members of the EU Vegetable Oil and Protein Meal Industry (FEDIOL) is still not certified as sustainable, with time running out to achieve an industry target of 100% sustainability by 2020, FEDIOL said on 7 May.

“FEDIOL joined the industry commitment in Amsterdam at the end of 205 to support the uptake of sustainable palm oil and their fractions with a view to achieving 100% by 2020,” it said. “The statistics show that virtually all palm oil and palm kernel oil used by FEDIOL members is traceable back to the mill and, in certain cases, even to the farm. These traceable volumes are not necessarily certified sustainable, but they represent a necessary starting point.”

Strong campaigning against palm oil had slowed down the supply chain transformation and discouraged market players, contributing to the lack of demand for sustainable products.

“Therefore, further efforts will be needed across the supply chain to cover the remaining 34% of palm oil which is not yet certified.”

FEDIOL’s figures showed that CSPO intake by its reporting companies increased from 46% in 2014, to 60% in 2016 and 66% in 2018. The intake of certified sustainable palm kernel oil rose from 32% in 2014, to 52% in 2016 to 43% in 2018.

FEDIOL processes about 55M tonnes/year of oilseed commodities both of EU origin and imported. About 50% of EU palm oil imports for 2018 were used and refined by FEDIOL companies, according to the association.