Global energy company TotalEnergies has announced it has started production of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) at its new platform in Normandy, France.

The new site complemented the bio-jet fuel production capacities of the company’s La Mède bio-refinery in Bouches-du-Rhône, France, and the Oudalle plant, in Seine-Maritime, TotalEnergies said.

The move will enable TotalEnergies to meet demand from its customers and respond to French legislation calling for aircraft to use at least 1% SAF from the start of this year, according to the 3 March statement.

“We are responding to strong demand from the aviation industry to reduce its carbon footprint,” TotalEnergies president of Refining & Chemicals Bernard Pinatel said. “This commitment is fully aligned with the company's climate ambition to get to net zero emissions by 2050.”

One of TotalEnergies Refining & Chemicals’ six integrated platforms worldwide, the new Normandy facility comprises a refinery, a petrochemicals facility and a polymer production site.

The plant converts around 12M tonnes/year of crude into approximately 200 commonly-used products, including diesel, gasoline, kerosene, lubricants, oils and SAF, according to the company. The refinery's output provides the petrochemicals facility and the polymers units with feedstock to produce plastic pellets that are used to make a range of products.

TotalEnergies said it would also start producing SAF at its Grandpuits zero-crude platform southeast of Paris from 2024.

All of the SAF, which was destined for French airports, would be produced from waste and residue sourced from the circular economy, the company said.

Active in more than 130 countries, TotalEnergies produces and markets energy sources, including oil and biofuels, natural gas and green gases, renewables and electricity.