Turkish refining company Tüpraş is set to build a new renewable diesel plant using Honeywell technology at its refinery in Izmir, Honeywell announced.

Using Honeywell’s UOP Ecofining technology, the new plant will produce biofuels from feedstocks such as used cooking oil (UCO) and waste animal fat, according to the 7 July statement.

Once operational, the new plant was expected to convert approximately 8,300 barrels/day (bpd) of waste feeds/feedstocks into renewable diesel, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and other products, Honeywell said.

“We have set out to become carbon neutral by 2050... A large portion of our investments will be allocated to new energy sources such as SAF, green hydrogen and zero-carbon electricity… We aim to process 400,000 tonnes of bio-feedstock by 2030 and triple our SAF production capacity by 2035,” Serdar Kemaloğlu, assistant general manager for technical affairs at Tüpraş, said.

Developed in conjunction with Italy’s Eni SpA, the Honeywell UOP Ecofining process converts plant-based oils, animal fats and other waste feedstocks into renewable diesel and SAF.

With bases in Izmir, Izmit, Kirikkale and Batman, Tüpraş operates four oil refineries in Turkey with a total processing capacity of 30M tonnes/year.