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Grain exports transported from Ukraine via Poland have risen by 50% since the middle of the year, Reuters reported Poland’s infrastructure minister as saying.

Around 450,000 tonnes/month of Ukrainian grain are being transported via this route, according to the 30 November report.

“Within the so-called solidarity lanes about 452,000 tonnes of (Ukrainian) grains are currently transported through the territory of Poland, over 50% more than in the middle of the year,” Andrzej Adamczyk was quoted as saying.

“Compared to October last year, the increase in grain transport in the same period of 2022 is over 16 times,” he added.

Ukraine is one of the world’s leading grain and oilseed exporters and a Russian blockade of its ports following Moscow’s invasion of the country in February led to a search for alternative routes, Reuters wrote.

Following a blockade lasting almost six months, three Ukrainian Black Sea ports opened up at the end of July under a deal between Moscow and Kyiv brokered by the United Nations and Turkey.

In the period prior to the report, however, Russian support for the pact had wavered, with Moscow withdrawing from the agreement at the end of October. This had raised questions about the long-term future of the deal that was extended for 120 days in the middle of November, Reuters wrote.