Agriculture organisations in the USA have welcomed the passing of the Infrastructure and Jobs Act to modernise the US transportation system, following weeks of debate and delays, World Grain reported on 8 November.

The bill, which US president Joe Biden said he would sign into law after it was passed by the House of Representatives on 5 November, would provide investments to modernise the US transportation system, the report said.

Agricultural groups had been lobbying Congress for decades for funding to modernise the country’s grain transportation infrastructure, World Grain wrote.

“We commend the Senate and president for negotiating this legislation last summer and urge enactment as soon as possible,” National Grain & Feed Association (NGFA) president and CEO Mike Seyfert said.

“NGFA members rely on a robust and competitive transportation system, including US highways, bridges, inland waterways, ports and railways, to efficiently and competitively serve domestic and global markets.”

The bipartisan legislation would increase infrastructure spending by US$550bn over five years, including an additional US$110bn for US roads and bridges and approximately US$17bn for ports and waterways, including US$2.5bn specifically for inland waterways construction projects, the report said.

Project-specific funding would be allocated in a detailed spend plan by the US Army Corps of Engineers’ chief of engineers, World Grain wrote.