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The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has confirmed publicly that a statement in its Biofuels Annual Report alleging that Finnish renewable fuels producer Neste might have received fraudulent used cooking oil (UCO) volumes from China was a mistake, according to a report by Quantum Commodity Intelligence.

Published on 1 September, the USDA report suggested that Neste may have received fraudulent UCO volumes from China at its renewable products refinery in Singapore.

The report containing the error had been removed from USDA’s website and a corrected version would be published later, the 18 September report said.

In an announcement on its website on 20 September, Neste said it appreciated USDA’s acknowledgement of the mistake and would engage with the agency while the report was corrected.

In an earlier statement on 8 September, the company said it took suspected fraud cases seriously and investigated them accordingly.

In addition, the company said it continuously evaluated the quality and authenticity of the raw material volumes it received, conducting thorough laboratory analyses of the samples of UCO volumes received at its terminals from China.

In its statement, Neste said it had robust methods to prevent fraud in its renewable raw material supply chains.

The company sourced traceable UCO and other renewable raw materials globally from carefully selected suppliers, Neste said.