Argentine crusher Vicentin has returned to full production at its San Lorenzo crushing plant for the first time since defaulting on its contracts in December 2019, AgriCensus reported a company spokesperson as saying on 17 March.

The return to full crushing capacity followed a number of toll agreements with companies including grain cooperative ACA and Union Agricola Avellaneda.

The Santa Fe plant had a monthly crushing capacity of approximately 400,000 tonnes, the spokesperson said.

“The plant is working at its full capacity... and during March and April, Vicentin has toll agreements that will guarantee the use of the total capacity,” the source added.

Vicentin had previously agreed a toll agreement with grain exporter Diaz & Forti to operate most of the capacity of its San Lorenzo crushing plant, but the firm was not currently crushing as it had also ran into financial difficulties, AgriCensus said.

The company has also reactivated its sunflower crushing plant in Ricardone, Santa Fe, after negotiating a toll agreement with local cooperative Unión Agrícola de Avellaneda (UAA), AgriCensus reported.

Vicentin has faced financial problems since defaulting on payments to grain suppliers and brokerage firms in December 2019.