Global agricultural commodity company Viterra has announced plans to expand its grain and feed ingredients terminal in Etter, Texas, World Grain reported.

The expansion would increase the terminal’s storage capacity by more than 40,000 tonnes by late next year, the 22 May report said.

“This investment will allow us to meet increased demand for grains and… feed ingredients for dairy, cattle and swine producers across West Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico,” Viterra CEO of US and Mexico Rayner Freyberg was quoted as saying.

“The completion of this project… will allow us to support the continuing expansion of oilseed crush and meal production across North America.”

Gavilon rebranded as Viterra across its business in the USA and Mexico earlier this year following Viterra’s acquisition of Gavilon Agriculture Investment’s grain and food ingredients business, the report said.

Active in 37 countries, Viterra has a network of agricultural storage, processing and transport operations and sources commodities such as grains, oilseeds, pulses, rice, sugar, cotton and feed ingredients from producers.