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Across the series, OFI Editor Serena Lim will speak to industry experts, company leaders and well-known faces about the latest news and views relating to various aspects of the oils and fats industry.

Tune into the OFI On Air Podcast to listen to interviews on market influencers - such as India, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, the EU and the USA - or topical subjects such as sustainability, biofuels and 3-MCPD. You’ll also hear about the latest project and processing developments from companies serving the oils and fats industry.

All episodes will be available for download.

Episode 1: India - the World is Watching

Find out about the production, import and consumption patterns of the world's largest importer of edible oils. What can India do to boost its domestic production of oilseeds and edible oils and can government policies reduce the country's dependence on other countries to meet its vegetable oil needs.