• APC - American Peanut Council

    APC - American Peanut Council

    Sector: Edible Oil Associations

    A US organisation that represents all segments of the peanut industry, including growers, shellers, manufacturers, brokers, international companies and more. For more information.

  • APCC - Asian Pacific and Coconut Community

    APCC - Asian Pacific and Coconut Community

    Sector: Edible Oil Associations

    Promotes, coordinates and harmonises all activities of the coconut industry and aims to improve the socio-economic conditions of all stakeholders of the coconut industry in member countries, particularly small coconut farmers.

  • APSEA - All Pakistan Solvent Extractors’ Association

    APSEA - All Pakistan Solvent Extractors’ Association

    Sector: Edible Oil Associations

    All Pakistan Solvent Extractors’ Association is a representative body, which takes care the interest of the extractors and coordinates their problems with the federal and provincial government agencies to resolve them.

  • ASA - American Soybean Association

    ASA - American Soybean Association

    Sector: Edible Oil Associations

    Provides a voice for farmers, members and delegates by testifying before Congress, lobbying Congress and the Administration, contacting members and meeting with the media.

  • ASAGA - Asociacion Argentina de grasa y Aceites

    ASAGA - Asociacion Argentina de grasa y Aceites

    Sector: Edible Oil Associations

    Brings together experts, professionals, specialists, researchers, institutions and companies in the oils and fats trade from across Argentina.

  • ASEBIO - Spanish Bioindustry Association

    ASEBIO - Spanish Bioindustry Association

    Sector: Biotech Associations

    Brings together companies, associations, foundations, universities, research and technology centres that carry out activities directly or indirectly related to biotechnology in Spain.

  • ASSITOL - Associazione Italiana dell’Industria Olearia

    ASSITOL - Associazione Italiana dell’Industria Olearia

    Sector: Edible Oil Associations

    Assitol - Italian Association of the Oil Industry represents and protects the industrial companies that operate in the oil and oil-derived products in the various national, European and international branches.

  • Assobiotec


    Sector: Biotech Associations

    The Italian Association for the Development of Biotechnology, representing more than 120 companies and science & technology parks operating in Italy and involved in various biotech-related fields – pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, agro-food, fine chemicals, environment, processing industry and equipment.

  • AusBiotech


    Sector: Biotech Associations

    Australia’s industry organisation that works on behalf of members to provide representation and services to promote the global growth of Australian biotechnology.

  • BIO - Biotechnology Innovation Organization

    BIO - Biotechnology Innovation Organization

    Sector: Biotech Associations

    The world’s largest trade association representing biotechnology companies, academic institutions, state biotechnology centres and related organisations across the USA and in more than 30 countries. BIO members are involved in the research and development of healthcare, agricultural, industrial and environmental biotechnology products.

  • BIO Deutschland

    BIO Deutschland

    Sector: Biotech Associations

    Germany’s biotechnology sector representative at the European association, EuropaBio, in Brussels. Works closely with other biotech organisations in Europe and the USA in order to lobby for the interests of the sector in an internationally coordinated way.

  • BioIndustry Association

    BioIndustry Association

    Sector: Biotech Associations

    The trade association for enterprises involved in UK bioscience. Members include start-ups, emerging and more established bioscience companies, pharmaceutical companies, academic, research and philanthropic organisations, and service providers to the bioscience sector.