Oils & Fats International Fact File



    31st October, 2013
    CRISP/Gene editing

    CRISP/Gene editing

    15th April, 2019
    Dairy fats

    Dairy fats

    2nd May, 2016
    Deep fat frying

    Deep fat frying

    1st June, 2015


    1st March, 2013
  • Essential oils

    The essential oils market is expected to experience a major upturn due to demand from new applications. OFI examines what essential oils are and what are their most common sources

    19 February 2018
  • Flaxseed

    The discovery of the genetically modified ‘Triffid’ gene in flaxseed exported from Canada to the EU could have devastated the Canadian flaxseed industry. Since 2009, farmers have struggled to regain profits and reputation as organic growers. As a result of rigourous testing and inspection, the Triffid gene has been virtually eliminated. Along with increased yields, this suggests a positive outlook for the future

    31 October 2012
  • Freak feedstocks

    In a bid to secure renewable sources of energy, scientists are investigating ever stranger biofuel feedstocks. Fungus, human fat, rabbit corpses – these are just some of the ideas of recent years. OFI looks at the viability and commercialisation of these unexpected feedstocks

    02 February 2015
  • Halophytes

    Are salt-tolerant halophytes the answer to an aviation industry increasingly focused on renewable fuels? OFI looks at this “game changer” in the biofuels industry and how an ecosystem could be put in place to make it even more sustainable

    02 June 2014
  • Hemp

    Is it a drug? Is an energy crop? The growing of hemp is controversial due to its association with cannabis. OFI assesses the properties of hemp seed and oil and the strict regulations surrounding the crop

    31 July 2015
  • High oleic oils

    High oleic oils offer nutritional and application advantages including less saturated fatty acids, more monounsaturated acids, and a good shelf life. Yet factors such as segregation costs and volatile premiums for farmers limit their production

    11 April 2019
  • High oleic palm oil

    A hybrid form of palm oil grown in Colombia and Ecuador has a higher oleic content than conventional palm oil, offering applications in frying, baking and chocolate spreads

    15 April 2019
  • HVO

    Hydrotreated vegetable oil boasts a great number of advantages over traditional biodiesel, among them lower emissions, higher fuel e ciency and a chemical structure identical with petroleum diesel. With the growing interest in all markets, particularly in Asia, and the many new production facilities scheduled to come online in a few years, HVO could be the fuel of the future

    15 April 2019
  • Infant formulae fats

    From the use of animal fats such as lard to palm oil, and triglycerides produced by enzyme technology, the development of fats for infant formulae continues

    01 September 2011