Oils & Fats International Fact File

    Natural wax

    Natural wax

    1st January, 2010
    Obesity and Fats

    Obesity and Fats

    2nd July, 2018


    10th November, 2020
    Olive oil processing

    Olive oil processing

    15th April, 2019


    11th April, 2019
    Peanut oil

    Peanut oil

    31st July, 2014


    31st July, 2015
  • Plant-based butters

    Plant-based butter’s share of the spreads market is rising as consumers increasingly focus on health and the environment. What is behind the growth and what ingredients are used to provide a butter flavour without using any dairy ingredients?

    18 August 2021
  • Plant-based foods

    The global rise in consumer demand for plant-based foods is opening up new markets for oils and fats which are used to add flavour, moisture and texture to the meat alternatives on our shelves

    10 November 2020
  • Pongamia

    Unsuitable for human consumption but with a high oil yield, is pongamia the next big biofuel on the block? OFI assesses its worth and looks at the companies trialling it in the field

    02 January 2015
  • Previous cargo rules

    Changes to the previous cargo list published in May 2014 by the European Commission (EC) generally favour the edible oils and fats industry

    31 October 2014
  • Rapeseed

    Global rapeseed production today stands at some 70M tonnes, with the crop enjoying a price premium above other oil crops. However, pest and disease control and climate change are some of the challenges facing producers

    10 November 2020
  • Rendering and pet food

    Rendered products can be used safely and sustainably as pet food ingredients. However, they face a negative image in the eyes of some pet owners

    18 June 2018
  • Rendering process

    The rendering industry performs an essential recycling service by taking animal by-products and turning them into ingredients for feed and other applications. OFI explains what is involved in the modern rendering process

    15 April 2019
  • Rice bran oil

    A ‘balanced and versatile’ cooking oil, a beneficial cosmetics ingredient and an ‘economical and affordable’ biofuel, rice bran oil (RBO) has a lot to offer. OFI examines the growing popularity of this niche oil

    01 January 2014
  • Safflower

    Nutritionally healthy, safflowerseed oil is gathering interest from the food, biofuel and oleochemical industries, due to its high level of oleic acids and ability to grow in most regions of the world

    31 October 2014
  • Shea butter

    Rare, naturally grown, traditionally harvested, and with reportedly remarkable moisturising and healing properties, demand for shea butter is growing steadily. OFI looks at what makes shea so special

    30 September 2015
  • Sorghum

    High yielding and hardy, those in the ethanol industry are taking note of sweet sorghum’s significance as a potential biofuel. With hybrid varieties further increasing yield, is sorghum ‘an important piece’ in the sustainable energy puzzle?

    01 February 2015
  • Speciality fats

    Speciality fats, used as replacement fats, include a group called exotic fats that make ideal cocoa butter equivalents and have great potential in the confectionery industry

    24 May 2018
  • Speciality fats processing

    Increasing demand for cocoa butter-based confectionery has sent producers on a quest for alternatives to avoid the high cost of the original product or to improve melting properties. New crystallisation and separation technologies are being used to produce these speciality fats.

    16 November 2020