Calyxt enters soyabean crushing agreement with Landus Cooperative

US food and agriculture company Calyxt has entered a soyabean crushing agreement with US farmer-owned Landus Cooperative to expand its network of processing partners.

World Grain reported on 26 June that under the terms of the agreement, Calyxt’s high oleic soyabeans would be processed in Landus Cooperative’s crush plant in Ralston, Iowa, which used more than 21M bushels of soyabeans annually.

“We’re excited to work with another cooperative of superior caliber, thereby expanding our geographic footprint and improving scalability,” said Calyxt CEO James Blome.

“Landus Cooperative’s well-established position as a leader in the dairy nutrition space will only bolster our reputation and further establishes trust in us as a healthy food ingredients company.”

Landus Cooperative aggregated more than 170M bushels of corn and soyabeans annually and had locations in more than 60 communities in Iowa, as well as about 7,000 members and annual revenues of more than US$1.2M, World Grain wrote.

Calyxt’s Calyno high oleic soyabean oil contained around 80% oleic acid and 20% less saturated fatty acids than commodity soybean oil, the company said on its website. It had an extended shelf life due to its high oleic content and was not genetically modified.